+ Although I live in Las Vegas, Guam is my home away from home.
+ Even though I love the City Lifestyle, I am a true islander at heart and that is why I love being by the water, whether it be the beach, ocean, a lake, or a pond. It’s so peaceful and mesmerizing.
+ I am a Leo and identify wholeheartedly with my zodiac sign.
Love the color GOLD. Then teal or turquoise and pink. Could you tell?
+ I’m a night owl, but I wish I were an early bird. It’s a work in progress.
+ I am a huge fan of Meditation. That is why YOGA will always be a part of my life and routine.
+ I Love to be a part of CHANGE and that is why I Love to CREATE.
+ I’m still waiting to get my 1st Range Rover to be delivered. But seriously, I am.
+ Water is my beverage of choice, but Cold-Press Green Juices or Green Teas are close seconds.
Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Weight Training and running are my jam. They make me feel fit, vibrant, and happy.